Keyboard Disinfectant Gel


Cleaning your computers keyboard can become a real pain especially with all the hard to reach areas between the keys. With this Disinfecting Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Magic Puddy, you can make your life much easier! No need for batteries, charging outlets or nosy hand vacuums, you can now easily remove all dust, dirt, and crumbs from your keyboard all while disinfecting it at the same time!! How convenient is that?

Important specifications:

Materials: include Boric Acid, Preservatives and Disinfectants

Package includes 1 PC Magic Cleaning
Slim Gel

Cleaning Gel is Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable,

Comes in a variety of colors for your preference: YELLOW, GREEN, PINK, BLUE

**Before use, leave open for a few minutes till slim becomes sticky and less thin in consistency, then lay on keyboard. Leave Magic Cleaning Gel Slim over keyboard for a few seconds and then remove going around all areas you wish to clean.**

Kiss those nasty germs goodbye and order now!!!

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