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Domino Set for Girls and Boys

Have you been looking for a game that is interactive for you and your child? Why not get a domino set? The set comes with an automatic train. You get to fill up bricks on the cartridge and add them on the train and let it do the magic. Get to expose your children to various arrangements and drawings by using dominoes.

Improve your children’s tactile skills and their imagination. Furthermore, your kids will recognize the many colors and develop hand-eye coordination and, finally, motor skills.

  • Bright colored bricks: With every color available for use, your kids can play with their favorite colors.
  • Automatic domino laying: Helps eliminate the hassle of laying dominoes all over. The electric motor will spread the dominoes uniformly over the playing surface.
  • Sound and LED light: The electronic motor gives out awesome lighting and cool sounds that make children enjoy playing their game.
  • Control the motor: Enhances your child’s concentration, especially when you provide a drawing to complete using the dominos, and they’ll also learn how to control a motor.
  • Battery run motor: All you have to do is provide batteries for the electric motor. Just carry along extra replacement batteries when going to play outside.
  • Safe for play: The bricks have smooth edges that will not cause injury to your children. This guarantees the kid’s safety when playing.

All you have to do is reload the cartridge with more bricks, and your kid turns on the train to continue laying out dominos. Let your kids create whatever they have in mind, and you can chip in to bring out the creativity.

Order our domino set and have your children enjoy drawing and creating patterns with the electric train while they control it by simply turning the funnel.

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