Rotating Food Storage Box

Bullet Points:

1、Non-toxic and Odorless: Made of food grade PP material, non-toxic and odorless, can be sealed 360° to prevent dust and insects, keep it fresh and store, protect the original taste and nutrition of the grain for you.
2、Lid Design: The design is simple, the food can be taken automatically with one click, and each has a lid to ensure that the box is sealed.
3、Transparent Barrel: Transparent barrel, easy to check the residue, more convenient to press out food particles.
4、Moisture Proof and Insect Proof: Can store chocolate beans, candies, cereals and groceries. Moisture proof and insect proof, excellent 6-in-1 storage box for kitchen use.

5、Large Capacity: The transparent body allows you to see the food in the box, and has a large capacity, moisture-proof, insect-proof, and ant-proof.

1. Activity partition, environmental protection material.
2. The design is simple, and the food can be automatically taken with one clic.k
3. Each has a cover, make sure the box is sealed.
4. Transparent body, you can see food in the box, and has large capacity.
5. It can hold all kinds of food, such as candy, grain, rice, etc.
6. Transparent barrel, easy to check residue, more convenient to press out food particles.
7. Moisture-proof, insect-proof and ant-proof.
8. 10kg large capacity storage space.

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