Police Car Piggy Bank


If you are looking to cultivate a savings culture in your kids, then this car piggy bank provides the best place to start. This piggy bank comes in an armored car design doubling as a toy and safe. It is fitted with cool lights for night time and a coin and note slot for when kids have to save either coins or notes.

  • Impressive design: this piggy bank comes with all the essentials of an armored vehicle. There are mounted weapons and flashy lights to symbolize security. There is a number button and fingerprint confirmation button to give kids access to the safe where their saved cash is stored.
  • Good quality: plastic usually doesn't shout durability, but with this toy, you can be sure your kid will stay with it for a while. It is sturdy and well-built with good quality materials. It can easily withstand harsh conditions. Great maintenance can help boost its longevity.
  • Multiple uses: made for kids, this piggy bank doubles as a safe and toy. During playtime, the piggy bank becomes an enjoyable and fun toy car, and during savings, its safe offers a secure saving space. The piggy bank makes saving fun.

On the plus side, unlike other piggy banks, kids don't have to break it to access their savings when the time comes. The safe can be accessed by keying in a password on the number button then pressing the fingerprint confirmation button.

Kids love toys, and this piggy bank provides a fun way to save while playing.

Order our car piggy bank to help your kids learn to save in a fun and exciting way.

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