Revolutionary Calming Pet Grooming Glove

$8.99 $15

One thing that can become a tedious task is grooming your beloved cat or dog, but with this Silicone Grooming Glove, you can groom your pet with a few easy swipes and a quick toss of that pesky hair!! With the silicone pad integrated onto the gloves, this new trending de-shedder can also massage your pet providing a calming atmosphere to some nervous canines and felines while at the same time stimulating better blood circulation! This convenient glove is made with a unique breathable mesh fabric that allows your hand to have maximum comfort and easy to fit velcro to adjust to all hand sizes!!

Some important factors:

1. Gloves are 16x24cm in size weighing 70gm making it a comfortable and weightless glove

2. Comes in a variety of colors for your preference.

3. Ideal for cats and dogs. 

4. Selection between dominant hand use or both for larger pets!!

Order now and give you and your pet this wonderful gift!!!








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