Permanent Match


If you are an outdoor person, then you will definitely love the Honest Carabiner permanent match lighter. Like the Swiss army knife, this multipurpose fire lighter comes ready to help you tackle the outdoors. Besides the permanent match lighter, there is the bottle opener and two key rings attached to the lighter.

  • Impeccable design: the lighter is nice and sturdy with a sleek design. There is a match, striker, and tiny fuel tank to ensure the lighting of the match. The fuel tank is refillable and can be done from the bottom of the match, where there is an entry point.
  • Ease of use: using this lighter is no hard task. Unscrew the match, which holds the scrapper and match, and scrape it on the striker. One strike is enough to light up the match.
  • Durability: the lighter is pretty sturdy, assuring users of its durability. The lighter inserts are rugged, durable, and built to last. The striker is waterproof and good for 10,000 strikes promoting the durability of the match. You can easily use it for a long time without any problem.
  • Convenience: the lighter is lightweight and pretty small in size. It is quite easy to carry it around as it can easily fit in the pocket or bag. Its portability makes it easy to use at any moment’s notice. It can be used to light cigarettes, candles, fireworks, and much more.

While there are many permanent match lighters in the market, the Honest Carabiner permanent match lighter stands out as one of the best. Lightweight, nice, and sturdy, this lighter is a plus for an adventurous and outdoors person.

Order our honest carabiner permanent match lighter and liven up your outdoor activities.




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