Grip Panel Carrier Tool

$29.95 $50

How hard is it to carry heavy, flat and large boards? It easily becomes a two-person job to carry these large boards and panels. However, with the Grip Panel Carrier Tool, you can conveniently lift and carry any large, flat panel without outside help!

Product features

  1. The product is a general purpose, unique lifting and carrying tool that is made to carry plywood, sheet metal, drywall, plasterboards, melamine, rubber mats and many other sheet-like goods from the top using one hand.
  2. The product is not only useful in the construction industry but also useful in general home-based tasks.
  3. The product has an ergonomic design containing a high grip, anti-slip, glass-filled nylon polymer gripper handle and epoxy coated steel support arms that allow a person to work all day without feeling discomfort in handling.
  4. The product’s rubber gripping clutches do not allow surfaces of the materials to-be-carried to get damaged.

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