Mid Century Modern Style Armchair

$225 $245.10

There is always a need to install better, comfortable and aesthetically pleasant furniture in homes. this  Armchair sofa is a blend of wood and comfortable seat. It is a piece of furniture that you will surely cherish!

Product features                                     

  1. The product is categorized as a high quality, long lasting home furniture.
  2. The product is made of improved endurance, solid wood that not only is a quality product but also has a visual appeal to it.
  3. The product is a leisure chair and can be customized. It comes in several colors i.e. grey, green, blue, coffee, light sky and yellow colors.
  4. The product’s appearance is modern and it completely qualifies as a highly comfortable sofa chair to be kept either in living rooms or bedrooms.

Order now to add leisure and comfort to your space!


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