360˚ Adjustable Laptop Desk with Cooling Fan Option!

$49.99 $60

So much has been spoken about the harms of placing a laptop on your lap. Not only are the radiations emitted from a laptop harmful for your body, but the laptop too is damaged by consistently being placed on such surfaces. The 360˚ adjustable Laptop Desk is a great way to protect yourself and your laptop from damage without constantly sitting on those hard chairs.   

Product features

  1. The product is made up of high quality, very durable aluminum metal. It withstands pressure and easily folds to acquire the shape you desire.
  2. The product size is 42 cm x 26 cm and is a handy, easily portable stand to put on your bed and helps you with studying in whichever posture you desire.
  3. The product is adjustable, with no rollers and therefore keeps your laptop stay placed where you want. The product also has a built-in mouse place so you can use a mouse if need be or keep notes on it.
  4. The product is totally adjustable to an angle of 360˚. With a knob, you can adjust the angle according to your posture and enjoy using the big screen.

Order now and add safety and comfort to your study place!


** Please note that delivery may take 2-4 weeks depending on your country location, we ship all orders within 24 hours, but because of Covid-19 there are some delays with some countries, it's 100% guaranteed you will get your item delivered, but we need you to have some patience! thank you very much for your business!  

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