Automatic Garlic Chopper


When it comes to cutting or chopping vegetables and fruits, the only thing that is troublesome are the garlic cloves because of their small size and problems with peeling. KOK’s Garlic Cube Chopper is no less than a wonder. Simply adjust the tool, place your garlic cube in it and it does the work for you!

Product features

  1. The product body is made up of high quality, eco-friendly polypropylene bioplastic that makes your choice even better!
  2. The product’s chopper is made up of ABS + 201 stainless steel with sharp edges that produce fine garlic pieces.
  3. The product comes in a fresh green and white color giving it a nice visual appeal.
  4. The product is safe to use, easy to handle and conveniently sized i.e. 17.5cm high x 7.3 cm mouth x 4.9 cm anterior mouth.

Order your very own magic garlic cube cutter today and experience the difference in your kitchen!


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