Professional Electric Blackhead Vacuum

$38.99 $46

A clear and bright skin is everyone’s dream however in our busy schedules and polluted outdoors it nearly seems impossible to clean it properly and realize this dream.
We bring you a perfect solution in the form of professional Electric blackhead vacuum for all your skin can remove blackheads, clean and shrink your pores and removes dead skin cells to give you a clean, clear and smooth skin.
It has 4 different suction heads to perform all these functions
Oval head for eye bags and side nose cleansing, for forehead cheeks and chin a small round head is designed.
To target the problematic area of the nose, a big round head is designed
A rough head is there for scraping away dead skin cells
Suction levels can be adjusted to low medium and high depending on your preferences
Its compact size makes it travel-friendly and can be charged through a USB Charger.
A smooth and bright skin is just an order away.

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