Electric Therapy Massage Pen

$19.99 $25

Stressful routines often leave you tired and exhausted. Under such conditions, one only wishes for a soothing massage that takes all the unease away. Electric Therapy Massage Pen serves the purpose right.

Product features

  1. The product three kinds of acupuncture heads; Dome type helps in facial beautification and healthcare purposes, the Node type serves to alleviate partial body pains, and the Spheroidal type is applicable for quickly alleviating localized pain.
  2. The product is a simple operation, easy to carry, safe and reliable, high quality massage pen. The product is tested and has no reported side effects.
  3. The product works on a simple principle of single-phase electricity and relies on the body’s static electric impulses to create a loop helping the acupuncture pen to work from outside the body.
  4. The product also features a pulse indicator, intensity light, a switch and a battery. The product comes with a guide illustrating acupuncture points in a body.

Place your order today to let go of all the stress!

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