Dog House Coin Bank


Dog coin bank

If you are looking to help your kids learn about saving money from a very young age, this dog coin bank is the perfect gift. Doubling as a toy and savings bank, this dog coin bank makes saving money a fun and enjoyable activity.

  • Ease of use: designed for coins, using this piggy bank is a breeze. As a mechanical toy, you will need batteries. Load the recommended batteries, place a coin at the doghouse's door, and gently press the coin. A puppy comes out of the dog house, grabs the coin, and drags the coin into the doghouse.
  • Good quality: the piggy bank is made with ABS plastic material that is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and safe for kids to play with. While plastic doesn’t shout durability, the toy is built to last.
  • Multiple uses: the piggy bank is built to captivate kids and make saving money fun as it doubles as a toy and safe. Every time the dog comes out of the bank, flashy lights and music come into play that can be quite captivating to the kids. The music and lights motivate the kids to keep placing coins at the door of the doghouse.

Teaching kids the importance of saving money from a very young age can help them learn to appreciate and respect money. Learn to value money. This dog coin piggy bank is a must-have for any parent looking to instill a savings culture in their kids from a very young age. It is designed for both boys and girls.

Order our dog coin bank and help your kids enjoy saving money.



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