Cable Organizer 39 Inches (100Cm) long


Cables can be a nuisance sometimes. Besides ruining the neatness of your workspace, they can also be hazardous as anyone can trip over them at any time. The cable organizer offers a splendid way to organize cables. It caters to charging cords, USB cables, mouse cables, and audio cables.

  • Innovative design: these cable holders come with a clean and simple design. It has one big cable slot, which can hold up to two cables and an incredibly strong adhesive. It can stick to any clean and smooth surface, be it glass, wood, metal, or rubber.
  • Good quality: these cable holders are made from sturdy materials for durability. They are pretty lightweight and cover very small spaces. They are highly unlikely to interfere with your day to day activities or cause any inconvenience.
  • Ease of use: Using this product is easy. Just peel and stick to whatever surface you intend to use it on. Press on it for a while to ensure it firmly sticks on the surface. The surface needs to be clean and dry before sticking the cable holder. To remove the holder, simply peeling it off the surface will work.
  • Multiple uses: the product is labeled a cable organizer, but it does more than hold and organize cables. It also holds pens in the office and toothbrushes at home. The cable holders can easily be used at home, office, or workspace.

Study shows organization can boost productivity. This cable organizer can easily tidy up your workspace, helping you concentrate on what is important, your work. It also makes accessing what is needed for a specific task fast and easy.

Order our cable organizer and usher in organization, neatness, and tidiness to your life, be it at home or in the office.

please note that delivery may take 2-6 weeks! 

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