Inflatable Airbag Outdoor Watersports Swim With Life Strap



Prevent Drowning, Rescue bracelet for Swimming

The miniature automatic inflatable rescue bag is a portable water saving device.Can be easily worn on hand.When you're surfing, swimming, fishing, and splashing around in the water, BLUE GAVIA can quickly generate an airbag that lets you float on the water.This only requires you to pull the trigger wrench.

It's so small that it's good for your wrist or arm, doesn't affect your daily activities, and it's not as stuffy as a lifejacket.

The adult version can provide up to 80 newtons of buoyancy, suitable for weight not more than 100 kilograms of adult use!


It can also be reused, very economical.


What we do is high quality products. We can carefully compare other products. The air bags of each of our products are determined by the inflatable test to ensure that there is no quality problem to be used.(the quality and safety of life-saving products must be the first.)


Name: anti-drowning bracelet.

Material: plastic TPU stainless steel silicone.

Weight: 185 g

Color: black

Packing: 57.5*25.5*47cm in a box of 50, weighing 25KG.

Features: when you have an emergency on water, pull the lever on your wrist.The balloon that pops up in the wrist box inflates rapidly, forming a buoyancy device that can help you float easily on the surface of the water, and the compass on the strap can guide you.

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