Body Motion Sensor Activated LED Night Light

$9.99 $16

We all find it hard to enter a dark space, then find and flip a switch. At times in doing so, you may trip over or hit yourself against the wall. How convenient would it be if you enter a dark space and the room lightens up automatically? It would be amazing! Enjoydeal presents to you the ultra-high quality Body Motion Sensor Activated LED Night Light.

Product features

  1. The product is made up of a high-quality light material, highly durable polycarbonate transparent amorphous plastic giving the product glass like fine appearance.
  2. The product size contains battery-powered LED bulbs that light up a dark space upon sensing body motion and automatically shut off 15-20 seconds after the person leaves the room making it a low-power consuming and energy saving night light.
  3. The product requires a dark room/ space to operate effectively and emits only white light.
  4. The product is an 80x18mm round shaped light that can be installed effectively using an in-built adhesive pad to stick on the wall or using an inbuilt magnetic suction that adheres to iron surfaces aptly.

Place your orders today to get your very own automated night light!


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