Reusable Stove-top Protector 2-Pack

$6.99 $10

Want to cut down the time you spend cleaning your stovetop from nasty spills and unwanted scratches? With this revolutionary Disposable & Reusable Stovetop Burner Protector, you will free yourself from those moments, making this a headache free miracle!! This convenient and exciting new design is universal and can be trimmed to fit your size burner, and when you're ready to clean, just remove and rinse with some soapy water and reuse as many times as needed! How convenient can this be?

Some important factors:
1. Made of Teflon Coating Glass Fiber Cloth which enables you to protect your surface from damage and spills!

2. Includes 2* 27x27cm high-quality Stovetop Protectors.

This is a no-brainer, order now!!!



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