Ladybug Toothbrush Holder


Are you one of the people who can’t find your toothbrush where you left them in the morning? Or are you simply averted to putting your toothbrush on surfaces after use? Use the easy to handle, simple, yet cute Ladybug Toothbrush Holder and get over these problems.

Product features

  1. The product is fairly cheap; it hardly costs $2 and we believe making a small investment that saves you from your daily problems is a must.
  2. The product is made of bioplastic making it an eco-friendly product. Taking care of Mother Earth while making your choices should be made a habit.
  3. The product has an inbuilt suction hook so you do not have to hammer nails; simply unpack the product, choose the spot and stick it there – simple!
  4. Ladybug Toothbrush Holder is also an aesthetically pleasing product.

Order now and add comfort and simplicity to your lifestyle!


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