Tube Dispenser


Tired of throwing out tubes of toothpaste or makeup that still have product inside because it’s hard to reach? With this sleek and easy to use design, you won’t have to frustrate yourself ever again with such moments! This Eco-friendly dispenser is convenient and reusable and can not only be used for toothpaste but also medicinal ointments, cosmetics, adhesives, lotions and more! It is extremely lightweight, made of hard plastic material making it super durable to any impact! And don’t worry about your little ones getting to it, it features a suction that enables you to hang it on to the wall, mirror or bathroom tub for no accidents or clutter around your sink!

Some important features:

1.       Fits all toothpaste tubes and ability to dispense tube encased products.

2.       Suction cup allowing to smoothly hang on wall, mirrors and other places.

3.       Comes in a variety of WHITE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE & PINK.

4.       It measures 80mm in Length x 23 mm in diameter to effortlessly fit all tubes.

5.       Weighs approx. 20gm makes this design nearly weightless!

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