Wall Climbing Car (Upgraded Version)!

$29.95 $45

Are you looking forward to spicing up your collection of remote cars? Get to test out the new wall climbing remote control car, and enjoy the new suction technology. The technology defies gravity for you to ride it on any smooth surface you want. You or your child can ride the car on flat surfaces such as windows, floors, glass, walls, or even on the ceilings. No need to worry; it will not fall!

Made using light materials, makes the car super light for it to ride and not fall even on ceilings. This is such a cool feature for RC lovers, with the front LED headlights which light in different colors.

  • Suction fan: the suction technology allows you to drive the car upside down and vertically on walls and ceilings. You can blast the car at full speed and care less of it falling.
  • Shockproof and lightweight body: the car's body is made of light materials, and hard to damage in case your child drops it on hard surfaces.
  • Remote Controller: you get to control the car's direction and speed using the remote.
  • 3600 Stunts: you can perform 3600 rotation stunts when you race or reverse the car.
  • Rechargeable battery: the car has a built-in battery, and is rechargeable, therefore cuts you the cost of buying batteries when they wear out.

If you are a fan of remote cars or you can get the cars for your children and raise the remote-control car game higher. Your child will be more than delighted when you gift them with an RC car. Make your child's playtime cool and fun.

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