New Car Sun Visor and Anti-Glare Mirror

$19.99 $40

The pinching pain in the eyes caused by the sun rays and glare during daytime and car lights at nighttime are a serious problem while driving. Not only do they affect the vision, but may also seriously harm driving and cause accidents. New Car Sun Visor and Anti-Glare Mirror has the solution to this routine problem.

Product features

  1. The product is a general purpose, unique interior mirror that has highly improved anti-sunshine properties. It protects the car’s interior from sunshine and UV rays.
  2. The product’s mirror size is a convenient and easily manageable 32 cm x 11 cm. The product weighs 450 grams, and is thus very easy to handle. It also folds upon itself for neat storage.
  3. The useful and easily installed product is made up of ABS+ plastic and comes in two-in-one colors i.e. yellow and grey. The yellow mirror protects your eyes during nighttime from sharp car lights and the grey mirror lessens sunlight rays and protects from harmful UV rays.

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