High-pressure Water Gun


Are you looking for an easy and convenient way to wash your surfaces? Our High-pressure Water Gun can wash and clean everything from cars, lawnmowers, garages and equipment, concrete sidewalks, patios, BBQ grills, and many more surfaces.

The High -pressure water pump has an innovative design, which, as a result, increases the water outlet from the garden hose up to 8-bars. The pump’s quality assures you of perfect results in seconds. Get to remove mold and dirt on vinyl siding, concrete foundations, wood, brick, aluminum, and much more conveniently.

Get to wash your vehicle or boat and clean dirty wheels with much ease. The water pressure from the nozzle is safe to use on surfaces since it doesn’t scour wood, clear coat, or damage automotive paint.


  • High-Pressure Wash: Are you tired of constantly getting low pressure from your hose? With up to 8 bars of pressure, you can transform your garden hose. The jet nozzle concentrates water, therefore releasing a powerful water-jet.
  • Conducive for every surface: Washes every dirty surface, from wood, concrete, to glass. The pressure from the pressure wash is safe for every surface.
  • Good arm: The high-pressure water gun arm is made from corrosion-resistant and stainless materials. Designed with the best industrial quality brass parts on the joints and a long wash rod made from aluminum alloy.

To make your cleaning more comfortable, the elongated washer rod and 8 bars of pressure will undoubtedly reach every distant place you need to wash either on the car or concretes. Also, it comes with a hose adapter to perfectly fit your car wash machine. There is no need for modifications.

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